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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:     What if my favorite photo is folded, scratched or discolored?
     A:     In most cases, our art department will be able to restore any image that is complete, even if it is torn, creased or faded.
Q:      If I want to use an old sepia or black & white picture, can it be colorized?
     A:     Certainly. Upon request, we can colorize both types of original. (see example below)
Color Sample
sepia original
Color Sample
black & white
Color Sample

Q:     My brother and I each want to give a separate Presentation to our Mother in memory of Dad. Can we get two completely different Presentations?
     A:     Each Presentation is individually crafted by our art department, so no two will ever be identical. Our Questionnaire is designed to help personalize the Presentation, not only in regard to the deceased, but from the perspective of the presenter and considering their relationship to the recipient.
Q:     I want to send Memorials of my Mother to two members of my family. Can they be personalized according to the recipient's relationship to my Mother using the same photo?
     A:     Yes, we take into consideration the relationship between the deceased and the recipient when creating our Presentations. This assures a much more personal and thoughtful gift.
Q:     Our Son and Daughter-in-Law were killed in an automobile accident ten years ago. Our granddaughter was only 8 at the time, but now we would like to give her some type of remeberance of her parents that she can display in her home.
     A:     Our Presentations are suitable for giving at any time, for immediate comfort and sympathy to the bereaved, or to honor a friend or loved one who was lost in the recent or even distant past. It is the perfect requiem that is always timely.
Q:     My Mother and Father are deceased, and I would like to have a single Memorial made honoring both of them, but my favorite pictures of them are two separate snapshots. Can one memorial be made to honor them together?
     A:     Yes. We can incorporate more than one subject into a single presentation. Married couples, siblings (two or more), even departed friends. Whether pictured together or in separate images, our Presentations can be made to accomodate their relationship to one another as well as the recipient's treasured memories of them.


If you still have unanswered questions or if you have comments or suggestions, please let us know via any of the methods listed on our Contact Page.

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